Mat Jakt

Mat Jakt  (literally Food Hunt) is a food cooperative based in Oslo.

The modus operandi is quite simple: you pay a life-long fee of NOK 250 after what you are able to place an order with an organic online shop at wholesale prices. 

The order is delivered within a few days and all you have to do is go and pick up your goods at the Sunshine Factory in Sant-Hanshaugen (on opening days). 

Mat Jakt is a non-for profit organization. The goal is to place big orders in order to reduce packagings and costs. To be honest, it's a bit like an underground food coop because there is no physical shop. The Sunshine Factory is a private appartment with a little storage room to stock the bags, scales and glass jars.

Secret bonus, there is always a kettle on the burner for a cup of tea when you come pick your food up!

In short:

  • Life-long member fee of NOK 250
  • Easy order of bulk food at wholesale prices (+20% to cover the coop costs). 
  • Organic & good quality at an affordable price, no intermediate.
  • Community of fine people around Oslo
  • Way more fun than strolling the supermarkets alleys