At the farm.


Fokhol Gård is located in Stange, about 1h hour north from Oslo by train. Surrounded by open fields, just a stone throw from the majestic lake Mjøsa, the farm comprises a guest house, a kitchen and a beautiful herb garden. A great place to spend a week-end and learn about food-making from scratch.

The Week-end Workshops is a moment to step out of the routine, take a breath.  It’s also a place to meet new people, learn a craft and cook farm-fresh food.

Each week-end has a maximum of 10 participants so we don't feel rushed or overcrowded, and there is space for everyone. The workshops will be held in smaller groups to allow for a smooth communication with the teacher. You will also help making food in the beautiful kitchen with a view over the fields.

The ticket includes:

- 1 Night in the guest house at Fokhol Gård (private room, single or double)

-  Lunch and dinner on saturday/ A breakfast and a snack on sunday

- A course led by a skilled teacher

Cost: Kr 2300 incl MVA

Practical infos:

Fokhol Gård

Fokholgutua 216

 2335 Stange   

  • We pick you up at the train station Stange around 10am on saturday and walk to the farm. The distance is 3km, so it is possible to arrive before or after 10am and take the walk on your own.  
  • We meet and greet and you make yourself at home in the guesthouse, we make lunch and eat together before starting on the workshop. 
  • The workshop will be held on saturday afternoon until around 18h with regular breaks.
  • On sunday morning, depending on the weather, we can go for a pic-nic, rest, play games, read or make food together. The week-end ends after lunch..

A question?  nina@westbyethefarm.com.





With Raghnild Gjems  

Learn how to carve a simple, sturdy kitchen essential: the spatula.  The woodcraft teacher Ragnhild Gjems will guide you through the different stages of wood carving and teach you how to safely handle the knife to shape your log into a handy tool for your kitchen.  From choosing the right wood essence until the final polishing, this course is an immersion into the age-old art of working Norway's most abundant resource. 

 No woodworking skills are required, if I can do it, you can do it! 



Introduction to lacto-fermentation

 From Saturday 1st September 1
   To Sunday 2nd September 14h

With Amy Lam

Fermenting vegetables is one of those traditions that deserve to shine in the top 5 of what-to-do-with-vegetables. Fermenting techniques have been around humans since pretty much the beginning, and we've learned how to make the very best of it ( wine! Bread! Chocolate!). Fermenting is a lot of fun because the food is alive, sparkly and bubbly. It feeds the guts with all the good bacterias, the ones that will fight off the bad ones, which has a direct impact on the mood!
After a summer of harvest and bounty comes the time of preserving and fermenting. It's the perfect time to gather around the workbench and cut, slice, brine vegetables, pack them tightly into jars and pile them in the cellar before enjoying them all throughout the long winter. And what a joy it is to open a new crock (fermenting vessel) and discover the flavours and textures that have developped with the time.




With Morten Lønmo  

This course is for all the cheese lovers, those who can't resist a sprinkle of feta on their salads, a chunk of thick, fresh butter on their slice of bread and those who dream about cheesecakes while brushing their teeth. There is something deeply satisfying about making your own cheese. Taking the time to curdle the milk, watch it drip through a cloth and turn into a soft, heavenly cream that can be enjoyed just as it is.  Or pressed into a nice and firm wheel of cheese. 

In this workshop, we will be using the delicious milk from the pastured cows of the farm to make cream cheese and feta. You will also learn how to make fresh butter. 


Naturally Fizzy: Water kefirs & ginger beer

From Saturday 29th September 1
To Sunday 30th September 14h

With Cornelia Øiestad ( Villbrygg)

Water kefir, also called fruit kefir, is a soft, mild fermented beverage filled with enzymes and bacteria beneficial to our intestinal flora. Delicately effervescent, refreshing and nutritious, this little "probiotic pop drink" is a treasure for the health of all.

Cornelia Øeistad is the lovely founder of Villbrygg, a company who brews drinks such as water kefir and kombucha flavoured with foraged herbs and plants.

In this workshop we'll teach you how to keep the live cultures happy, how to brew delicious drinks and you'll go home with a few samples of each culture so you can start brewing your own batches.